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On the equation (2 it is easy to present and circuit realization of the device generating sequence. It has to contain the memory block intended for storing of n of the last chosen members of sequence, and the combinational scheme which work is defined by the set rule of coding.

it is possible to show that for any n of number of primitive polynomials is defined as where j(L) - Euler's function equal for any L> to 0 number of the whole positive numbers, smaller L and mutually simple with L, including also unit.

Thus the filter with in a complex - the frequency characteristic determined by a formula (1, is the best in a class of linear filters, and at Gaussian hindrances also the best sample and in a class of nonlinear filters.

Ratio (2 is called as the rule of coding. In case of binary sequence of value of symbols of sequence and coefficients of ai are equal to either zero, or unit, and summation is conducted on MOD 2 which is defined so