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in a chronological order, starting with documents, early by dates, and finishing later (orders, protocols, resolutions, etc.); correspondence is formed in a of dates, and the document inquiry is located before the document answer;

Affairs in the organization should be formed in a strict with the available nomenclature. The secretary formation of affairs in structural divisions, at detection of shortcomings informs on it persons in division, and in case of rejection of measures for correction of the revealed defects by them reports on it on the management of the organization.

The documents submitted the management together with the materials which are picked up to them should be dometat in folders with special inscriptions (for example, for considerations in which it has to be dated transfers of.

If the outgoing document is the answer to earlier arrived document, in a registration and control on this document the corresponding entry in which contain number, date of the outgoing document and a surname of the signed his face is made. On the initiative document the registration and control in the number of copies provided by the instruction in this organization for office-work is formed. On the basis of these cards the registration and control card file is formed and conducted.

Documents constant, a period of storage are hemmed and stored in firm folders (covers). On a cover of each business are put down the full and abbreviated name of an ; name of structural division; file number according to the nomenclature; business heading (according to ); dates of an institution and end of business. After the end of business on a cover the number of sheets of the this case and term of its storage with the indication of article of the list are put down. The file number is put down and on its.

Drawing up, registration and production of some types belong to duties of the secretary organizational ­ documents, including office letters, forms with orders and instructions of the management, ­, texts of telegrams and (the last can represent divisions, in that case the secretary compliance of these documents to the operating ).

Terms of submission of similar information can ­, for example, it is possible to carry out a daily of the management, occurring every ten days, etc. The organization of such is fixed in the instruction on office-work for the concrete organization.

At registration of copies of the documents concerning the rights and interests of citizens on the document which the copy is made, the mark to whom and when this copy is issued, and on the copy the mark that the original is stored in this organization becomes becomes.

If workers transfer to the secretary documents for their subsequent typewritten registration, it is necessary to consider thus the schedule of work of specialized typewritten division, degree of its concrete during the considered period and the document transfer connected with it for typewriting. At the same time it is necessary to check quality of a draft copy from the point of view of a of rules of preparation of documents for typewriting, in a existence in a draft copy of the places difficult for visual perception (for example, written by small or handwriting), and also Latin signs, formulas, ; the fragments of the text written by a pencil, green or red ink, etc. In case of identification of similar defects the text comes back for renewal to an. It is desirable to send to all divisions of an concerning documenting of its, short instructions with requirements to draft copies, to transfer to typing pool.

On control also the management instructions stated in resolutions on incoming documents, in an oral form (transfer of formulations of these instructions for separate forms (sheets of paper) is desirable, it is possible to group and store for convenience of control), containing in the organizational and administrative published in the organization, and also the proceeding documents according to which receipt of information is expected can be put.

In need of urgent transfer of documentary information it is sent in the form of telegrams. If negotiations can be conducted and from devices, in divisions, submission of office telegrams only through the secretary or with his participation. Control of observance of limits of funds for telegrams is exercised in the same order, as on long-distance telephone negotiations.