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Genetic memory – can be defined such in which information is stored in a genotype, is descended and reproduced. The main biological mechanism of storing of information in such memory is, apparently, mutations, and related changes of gene structures. Genetic memory of the person – is uniform, it is not possible to have impact through training and education on it.

Perhaps, in exceptional cases the brain can have such structure that a certain type of long-term memory, for example, on numbers arises with special ease and therefore there are people who remember names and do not remember the person. And vice versa absent-minded scientists remember aspects of the subject to the smallest details, but hardly remember the home address.

Short-term memory is connected with so-called actual consciousness of the person. From instant memory only that information which corresponds to actual interests and needs of the person gets to it, draws to itself his special attention.

Long-term is the memory capable to store information during almost unlimited term. Information which got to storages of long-term memory can be reproduced the person some time, without loss. Moreover, repeated and systematic reproduction of this information only consolidates its traces in long-term memory. The last assumes ability of the person at any necessary moment to remember that once was remembered by it. When using long-term memory the pripominaniye requires thinking and effort of will therefore its functioning in practice is usually connected with two of these processes.

On nature of participation of will in processes of storing and reproduction of material memory shares on involuntary and any. In the first case mean such storing and reproduction which happens automatically and with little effort from the person, without statement or before itself a special mnemichesky task (on storing, recognition, preservation or reproduction. Such task surely is present at the second case, and process of storing and reproduction demands strong-willed efforts.

Fairly and other statement is not obligatory to be the person of averages or below average abilities at all to possess an infallible memory, so for example, on truth great mathematics as A. M. Ampere, John Wallace, Karl Friedrich Gauss, also possessed an infallible memory. But memory, helping them with work, was not the cause of their genius at all.

Let's consider now some features and interrelation of two main types of memory which the person uses in everyday life: short-term and long-term. The volume of short-term memory is individual. He characterizes natural memory of the person and finds a tendency to preservation during all life.

And still it is necessary to tell that memory and intelligence are closely interconnected, since the the person intellectually, the better at him memory. So, for example, the vocabulary of the person is quite good indicator, both memory, and mind. It is known that people with poor experience gravitate to mechanical storing.