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Marketing as the system of strategic management of a of firm with orientation to the market includes a number of the stages and forms of administrative and activity which are in a strict taxonomy. Two main aspects of marketing activity — are market researches, and also a choice and realization of a marketing strategy. The specified two aspects, on the one hand, as marketing stages, but with another — it is two types of marketing activity which not only follow one after another, but also are carried out at the same time: the firm realizes the strategy accepted on the basis of the previous researches and at the same time continues to conduct researches for the purpose of search of new strategic decisions or expansion of a coverage of already available strategic alternatives.

Further, working within marketing, the firm will inevitably organize feedback between buyers and the designers (developers) of goods and sellers. It gives the chance purposefully to regulate a of products and services, effectively to spend for this means.

Economic factors define also demand of this or that segment of the market for advanced technology in a look perfect cars and the equipment. Well-known, the that labor-saving technology is in demand for the companies of the developed countries and considerably in developing countries with cheap labor.

Segmentation of the market — is activities for classification of potential consumers by the made firm of a according to features of qualitative structure of their demand. Segmentation of demand is based on application of criteria of division of consumers into groups, demand for different types and models of goods, different in quality and volume.

However demand — it no other than solvent need of the buyer, need for the decision any of the problems which are put forward by life. Thus, the firm on the market and offers not goods and services (because ­ and service — no more than economic categories), and cures of problems of buyers.

This principle is the leader in marketing and for this reason marketing is so effective on a with former methods of production and trade when the businessman sought to let out as much as possible products and to try to impose them to buyers.

For fruitful market researches, it is preferable to find out their opinion on the offered goods and services, wishes, not contents from clients. At emergence of any disputable situations to solve them in favor of the client. There is a mass of councils and the recommendations submitted on satisfaction of demands of consumers, but I consider a quite good and effective method of work with clients it to put myself on its place and to try to satisfy as much as possible the inquiries. In it cases the success of firm is predetermined.

The market in foreign trade call the sphere of an exchange, and for this reason the market should not be confused to trade as that. The market — is special economic category, and trade — branch of economy. These distinctions especially because in the analysis of the market (and it is operation — one of the essential moments of marketing activity) it is impossible to reduce it to only one consideration of development of trade, artificially reducing it to the analysis of production and consumption.