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This expedition, perhaps, was unique in all history of geographical discoveries. It proceeded less than three months, but its results actually blow the mind." Heavenly mountains" lost a mysteriousness aura.

The European zemleprokhodets made plans of travel for Tien Shan long ago. Great Alexander Humboldt dreamed of it also. Conversations with Humboldt finally strengthened Semyonov's decision to go to "Heavenly mountains".

On this first travel Przhevalsky made the most complete description of Ussuri Krai and gained valuable forwarding experience. Now believed in it: for travel to Mongolia and the country of Tanguts - Northern Tibet of what it dreamed, obstacles did not appear.

On a monument to Przhevalsky - an inscription:" The first researcher of the nature of Central Asia". Also conduct ten steps which are cut down in the rock to this inscription. Ten - on number of the expeditions undertaken by the remarkable traveler, including also that, the last, interrupted so tragicly.